Sitemap - 2023 - Trying to Understand the World

The Obligatory End-of-Year Essay.

Getting Used To Being Weak.

What's Left ... And What's Left?

Bringing It All Back Home

Another Of My Essays in French

War, Peace, And That Other Thing.

No Way Out

Arming Ourselves Against The Future.

Externalising Our Hatreds.

Books To Help Us Understand The World?

Useless in Gaza

I Have No Brain But I Must Scream.

Don't Confuse Me With Facts.

That's The Truth?

It's All About Them.

A Short Service Announcement.

So They Want Negotiations, Now.

Too Much of Not A Lot

A Week Off And A New Language

Going to Pieces Slowly...

A Clash Of Symbols

The Performance is Over

So Where Do We Go From Here?

My Substack in Other Languages.

Reality Would Like A Word.

New(ish) Readers Start Here.

The End of Power Projection?

Ukraine In NATO Would Be A Disaster ...

A Fistful of Clockwork Oranges

Will The West Eat Itself?

Dealing With Foreigners ...

Things Are Falling Apart ...

Round Two? There Is No Round Two.

One Way Or Another ....

The Rise of Extractive Politics

We Are All Civilisational States

Into the Waste Land

Honesty: What's In It For Me?

War Is Complicated.

A Short Service Announcement.

Let's Hear It For The "Underlying Causes."

If We Had More Than a Hammer ...

Teach Your Children ....

Macron is Safe for the Moment

The Threat of Back to Normal

Understanding What's Happening in France.

Their Enemies The Russians

Let's Be Enemies

You And Whose Army?

In Praise of the Preterite

How About a Victory for the Left Occasionally?

Will it Bend or Will it Break?

Everything is (Somewhat) Connected.

They Say They Want Rearmament ....

Russia/Ukraine is not a sports competition.

And Now for Something Completely Different.

No Cheers for Authoritarianism

The West is Weak Where it Matters ...